Fly Ash Concrete A percentage of cement is replaced with flyash. Can be used in light/mild structures such as raft foundations, roads, pavements etc.
Early strength concrete Preferred for its early setting and compressive strength.
Is used in construction that requires high initial strength for early formwork removal.
Corrosion resistant concrete Provides protection against corrosion of steel reinforcement
Saves cost involved in providing pre coating to steel bars and concrete surface Mainly used in pile foundations, foundation for bridges across river/sea, RCC in underground conditions.
Self Compacting Concrete High fluidity or viscosity with high load carrying capacity.
Enables faster construction, better surface finish, easier placing, no vibration required.
Manpower for placement is greatly reduced.
Please note: shuttering should be water tight.
Fibre-reinforced Concrete Polypropylene fiber is added to concrete during batching, fibres are evenly dispersed throughout the concrete during the mixing process
Used in heavy industrial floors, bridges, water retaining structures etc to improve concrete’s resistance to plastic shrinkage cracking.
Increases load bearing capacity of concrete.
Can replace steel reinforcement for light/medium RCC slabs resting on ground application.
Coloured Concrete Wide variety of colors and textures offered.
Concrete for parking areas, pavements, foot path, parks, drive-ways, gardens etc.
Water- proof concrete Used in terraces , basements , water contact structures etc .