Savings Accrued Through Infratech Readymix Concrete

Wastages in Site Mixing: Cement spillage, shortages in quantity of aggregate and sand during delivery, storage and mixing at site, leftover aggregates after completion of concreting results in approx 5-7% wastage. All these wastages are avoided with INFRATECH READYMIX CONCRETE as it takes care of all ingredients and the ready-to-use product is delivered to the site.
Wastage of concrete during handling: Spillage during transporting from the mixer to the point of placing is unavoidable and results in approx 0.5-0.7% wastage. INFRATECH READYMIX CONCRETE facilitates pumping of concrete to the point of placing and hence there is no wastage due to spillage etc. The leftover concrete in pump-hopper can be used for site casting.
Manpower Saving: For proportioning, mixing, transportation, placing, compaction and finishing a lot of manpower is required. The manpower increases with the increase in the number of floors. INFRATECH READYMIX CONCRETE requires minimal manpower (for compaction and finishing only). Manpower and infrastructure requirement will be the same irrespective of the number of floors.
Time Saving: A lot of time is required for concreting operations and the output is very low (2-3 m3/hr), thus prolonging construction time. INFRATECH READYMIX CONCRETE delivers large quantities of concrete through transit mixers at short intervals, increasing the output manifold (15-20 m3/hr), thus reducing construction time considerably.
Space Saving: Site mix concrete consumes lots of space to store cement, aggregates, sand, water, mixing equipment etc. INFRATECH READYMIX CONCRETE delivers the ready-to-use product and requires no extra storage space at the site.
Savings in House keeping Cost: Site mixing involves cost and time for continuous cleaning and housekeeping operations. INFRATECH READYMIX CONCRETE virtually eliminates all housekeeping and cleaning operations during concreting.
Saving in Testing Cost: High cost (20-22 `/m3) is involved in testing of ingredients as well as concrete in fresh and hardened state. INFRATECH READYMIX CONCRETE takes care of total testing of concrete supplied including raw materials in our own laboratory
Mixing quality : SIte mixing of aggregates include improper mixing techniques resulting in material loss and inferior quality. INFRATECH READYMIX CONCRETE takes care of the whole process by computer automated mechanisms.