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Delivered at a lesser price than normal site mix concrete. We have in house laboratory with sophisticated equipments confirming the quality of concrete,as well as raw materials used in producing concrete .

Sample cubes are taken from each site during delivery and tested for compressive strength at 7th and 28th day respectively to prove the strength of concrete. Weighting slip provided with truck mixer authenticating the quantity of concrete. Pumping the concrete up to a height of 25 floors.

Fully automatic weigh mixing, so uniform and error free mix. Improved quality of concrete translates into enhanced long term durability of concrete, thus minimizing the maintenance and repair costs.

We produce concrete in fully and integrated facility that with state-of-the-art batching systems that ensuring high quality concrete for our customers. Our plant is versatile not just to produce different types of concrete but also a range of mortars too.

The plant is located in Coimbatore and is in proximity to sites within the city and on the peripheries. Our integrated concrete plant houses an indigenous stone crusher for coarse aggregates and yard for fine aggregate, and our warehouses are well in stock of grades of cement for various types of concrete mixes.

we are an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified company


Light Weight Concrete

Our light weight concrete is manufactured using small lightweight Styrofoam or EPS balls as an aggregate instead of the crushed stone that is used in regular concrete.


Steel Fibre Concrete

Steel fibre concrete systems are designed with the industrial environment in mind. With steel fiber reinforcement, it offers highly resilient and durable


Colored Concrete

Coloured concrete is a very popular decorative concrete. Our coloured concrete provides an outdoor paving alternative for commercial concrete paving & landscaping


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